Who hosted us


During the voyage, many prooved to be empathetic and kind enough to host us.
On the one hand, B&B’s and hotels, for me and the troupe. On the  other, marinas for Maribelle.
Finally, some diving centers opened their arms to us, for free and willing to share the depths and the specificities of their islands.

A true thank you, my friends, as sincere and generous as your help…


La Cernia Bruna - Ustica

The "La Cernia Bruna Homestay" contributes to the project by hosting the troupe in the beautiful Ustica! Have a look at their website to discover their gorgeous apartments. The hospitality of Guido and his family will stay in your heart forever!

Al Numero Zero - Lipari

Al Numero Zero in Lipari you will find a magic place where you can spend your holidays. The view from up there will leave you speechless but that's not all: you will have the opportunity to be lost in the nature and to get to know Lucio, the donkey, and its family. Thanks to Luigi for the hospitality, for spoiling us and above all, thank you because you really made us feeling at home.

Hotel Signum - Salina

Clara Rametta, Mayor of Malfa (one of the three municipalities in Salina) and, more importantly, yet another great woman, hosted me and the crew at her Hotel Signum. Now, there are no words to define this hotel that is in fact a luxury one. It actually is an apparently simple concentrate of aeolian hospitality where every detail is studied with a taste of beauty that embodies the true spirit of Sicily. A place I would never have been able to afford, but that 33 Isole made possible.

Hotel Mezzatorre - Ventotene

Pietro Pennacchio has been our "cicerone" in Ventotene and our point of reference in the Island. We have been hosted in his magnific Hotel Mezzatorre, located in the main square with a breathtaking view from all the hotel rooms. Obviously it could not be lacking an attached restaurant "La Terrazza di Mimì": delicious and, clearly, with sea view. This is not the only Hotel of Pietro! For whom want to stay a little bur more away from the town and enjoy the countryside relax, there is the Borgo Cacciatori. It is right and proper to deeply thank Pietro and his family which has shown us a truly and unic hospitality.

Il Salotto di Maria PIa - Ortigia

"Il Salotto di Maria Pia" is located in the city center of Ortigia, literally at the back of the "Duomo". Paola, the owner, created this place with love and heart so much so that it seems like to be at home and not in a B&B. The rooms of "Il Salotto di Maria Pia" are decorated with great style and care. In the morning you will wake up smelling a delicious coffe aroma coming from the kitchen and once you will step into the dining room, your mouth will drop on the floor while looking at the beautiful laid table and while hearing a soft music in the background. What to say, Paola really does everything to make people feel good and to fulfill her dreams..and we see it! We thank Paola from the bottom our heart for helping us with the project welcoming us with open arms, giving us her time and very useful advices!

Il Sogno Casa Vacanze - Milazzo

Il Sogno Casa Vacanze is located in Milazzo. The place is really near to the sea and to the city center. The apartments are well decorated and neat, equipped with all the necessities you may need even for a long stay. Thanks to Anna, the owner, for helping us with the project and thanks to Gabriella, lively Sicilian girl that cheered us up during our stay!

Villa La Rosa - Filicudi

Villa La Rosa, even with little notice, they hosted our troupe! What to say, nice rooms, bar on the spot with a grocery store corner, restaurant with traditional cooking, authentic and delicious. The welcoming and the kindness of Adelide has been really touching. A place worth to try.

Villa Maria - Ischia

Villa Maria is an old manor house from the Twenties, refitted as a hotel in the Forties. Upon having the rumor of my arrival, Dario Della Vecchia insisted to invite me spending my couple of nights in there. He simply trusted a crazy word of mouth showing a moving welcoming spirit. I discovered an elegant and welcoming place, with an unforgettable familiar taste typical from Ischia.

Hotel Bahamas e ristorante l'Archetto - Giglio Island

The Giglio island had a special welcome prepared for me. Paolo, Hotel Bahamas' director, gave me a room and a bathroom (always the best gift!), whereas Mario from the Ristorante L'Archetto offered me the meals. The Hotel Bahamas is one of the oldest hotels in the island. It was created by Paolo's father after his trips as a mariner to... Bahamas, where he was inspired to bring tourism in his island as well. Located in Giglio Porto, among others it has a wonderful terrace to enjoy the terrific light of this island. Mario and his L'Archetto, in Giglio Porto him too, is the only restaurant open all year round. This mission consisting in offering a service to the Giglio community even during the cold months started at the time of the Costa Concordia sad story. Back in those days hundreds of engineers and technicians were living in the island, so Mario took in charge their feeding. Since then, he never closed despite the Concordia, finally, is not there anymore.

Comune di Isole Tremiti - Tremiti

The Isole Tremiti municipality opened the doors of their "centro polifunzionale" in San Domino. Essential, yet precious for us. Thank you!






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