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#4 Lipari – What a night!

Arrivi sulla prossima isola e ricevi un benvenuto perfetto da amici appena incontrati. Magia eoliana.
Grazie ai camminatori poeti di Associazione Nesos – trekking & natura, al surreale Luis Mazza e alla dolcissima Genny di Al numero zero, Lipari e ai professionalissimi quanto calorosi Marco e Luigi di Eol.Mare Marina Resort.
E alla mitica Sara!!!

You reach the next island and you get a perfect welcome from friends you just met. Aeolian magic. Thank you to the hiking poets from Associazione Nesos – trekking & natura, to the surreal Luis Mazza and sweet Genny of Al numero zero, Lipari and to the as professional as warm Marco and Luigi fromEol.Mare Marina Resort.
And to the mythical Sara!!!


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The project is conceived and realized by me, Lucio Bellomo, born in 1983 in Palermo, Sicily. Which is also Italy ;-) I am (not proud of being) an engineer in electronics. After the PhD I worked as a physical oceanographer in France, doing research on the physical phenomena that rule the oceans. I took part in several long international oceanographic cruises onboard research vessels. Eager for an even tighter contact with the sea, I left the University and today I work as a diving instructor, both SCUBA and freediving, in small Mediterranean islands and tropical seas. In my spare time I fancy sailing: I began in the Mediterranean Sea and am continuing in the Atlantic Ocean.

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