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#14 Isola del Giglio – Departure

Away we go from Giglio Island. Here I found a new accent, a new geology (after black lava here begin the bright granites), but still a wonderful welcome which, it is pretty much clear now, only the small islands can give this way.

Thanks to Massimo Bancalà from the Nautical Club for organizing everything. To Paolo Fanciulli, owner of the legendary Hotel Bahamas for the room that allowed me to take a big shower after the 5 total days that it took me from Ponza to here. To Mario of the Ristorante l’Archetto for the food and the unforgettable chat. To the mayor for his sharing his vision of how things go around here.
And then to Giovanni for relating me the story of Giglio, whose people came either from Val d’Orca – a rural region in Tuscany – (Giglio Castello) or from Torre Annunziata and Ischia – Campania region – and from Ligury (Giglio Porto): indeed, yet another story about mediterranean blendings between islands which should teach us so much about what is happening today.

But the very great moment was in the morning at Giglio Castello’s primary school where I spoke about my voyage to many curious children shily shouting and asking smart questions. It’ll be that I’m getting old, it’ll be that I get more and more convinced that if anything can change it all depends on them.

Elba island on my way now!

Let my mind go / out of tune / out of tune…


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