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Island People – Filicudi – Monica Blasi

As for Filicudi, about 200 live there, the perfect example of an island that empties out from October onwards. I went once there at the beginning of June, just one day, from Palermo, with my mom. Some freediving around that surreal rock in the middle of the sea they called “La Canna” (the barrel) and away we go. Amazing beauty.

A girl from Rome lives in Filicudi, Monica Blasi. PhD in biophysics, driven by at least a couple of passions, one of which for the protection of the marine environment, she moved there in 2004. She founded and still manages the Filicudi Wildlife Conservation association. She does research, serious research, on cetaceans and turtles, funding herself with the summer research camps she organizes and some private donation. Among other things, she can – the only one in the world! – mediate between authorities and locals, especially fishermen, whose interests are always, but only apparently, opposite.

To me, she’s a myth. Hey myth, are we gonna have a chat at the end of April on your island?

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The project is conceived and realized by me, Lucio Bellomo, born in 1983 in Palermo, Sicily. Which is also Italy ;-) I am (not proud of being) an engineer in electronics. After the PhD I worked as a physical oceanographer in France, doing research on the physical phenomena that rule the oceans. I took part in several long international oceanographic cruises onboard research vessels. Eager for an even tighter contact with the sea, I left the University and today I work as a diving instructor, both SCUBA and freediving, in small Mediterranean islands and tropical seas. In my spare time I fancy sailing: I began in the Mediterranean Sea and am continuing in the Atlantic Ocean.

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