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Santino Caffè

While a sunset for which the best adjective, in my opinion, seems to be “creamy” falls on the Adriatic coast of Salento, slipping too slowly to my left, I feel like dedicating a thought to a great friend of mine.

Santino is a guy from Veglie, a small town in the Salento area. Like me, he has the bad habit of wanting to fulfill his dreams. And so, a few years ago, he became passionate about the world of coffee. He studied, traveled, struggled. Then came the first national prizes, the first consultancies given to bars wishing to make a leap in quality, and since one year the dream has finally come true: his own coffee bar. A place where not a single square centimeter is left to chance and where quality, be it coffees, artistic cappuccinos, or pastries, is tremendously high. Too much, perhaps, for a place like Veglie, with all due respect!, so much that it would deserve a bigger stage …

Gentlemen, Santino Caffè! Where, even if a little out of the way, I made a stop in the Salento stage of this trip. Because friends are important …


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The project is conceived and realized by me, Lucio Bellomo, born in 1983 in Palermo, Sicily. Which is also Italy ;-) I am (not proud of being) an engineer in electronics. After the PhD I worked as a physical oceanographer in France, doing research on the physical phenomena that rule the oceans. I took part in several long international oceanographic cruises onboard research vessels. Eager for an even tighter contact with the sea, I left the University and today I work as a diving instructor, both SCUBA and freediving, in small Mediterranean islands and tropical seas. In my spare time I fancy sailing: I began in the Mediterranean Sea and am continuing in the Atlantic Ocean.

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